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Current Books & Book Reviews

Current Books on Gardening & Botany is an Internet-only journal reviewing new books and other media about gardening, horticulture, and botany. Reviews cover a wide range of new literature in print and digital form and are written primarily by the staff of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Title Volume Number
The glory of the tree 16 4
Technology and the garden 16 4
The Loudons and the gardening press: A Victorian cultural industry 16 4
The bee: A natural history 16 4
The wildflowers of Ireland: A field guide 16 4
The flower hunter and the people: William Bartram's writings on the Native American Southeast 16 4
Florida's edible wild plants: A guide to collecting and cooking 16 4
Leaf defence 16 4
Grass, soil, hope: A journey through carbon country 16 4
Sowing the seeds of victory: American gardening programs of World War I 16 4
Views of nature 16 4
Around the world in 80 plants 16 4
Pollen: The hidden sexuality of flowers 16 4
Field guide to Wisconsin grasses 16 4
Sustainable homebrewing: An all-organic approach to crafting great beer 16 4
The Tao of vegetable gardening 16 4
Catching nature in the act: Réaumur and the practice of natural history in the eighteenth century 16 4
The wilderness writings of Howard Zahniser 16 4
Green walls green roofs: Designing sustainable architecture 16 4
Whispering flowers 16 4
Saving vegetable seeds: Harvest, clean, store, and plant seeds from your garden 16 4
Saving container plants: Overwintering techniques for keeping tender plants alive year after year 16 4
How the Earth turned green: A brief 3.8-billion-year history of plants 16 4
The working man’s green space: Allotment gardens in England, France, and Germany, 1870-1919 16 4
How to make a Japanese garden 16 3
Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest 16 3
A history of the garden in fifty tools 16 3
Willow 16 3
The mythology of plants: Botanical lore from ancient Greece and Rome 16 3
Native plants of the Southeast 16 3