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PHOTO: Rose GardenTribute Gift Dedications Program

Celebrate. Commemorate. Remember.

The Chicago Botanic Garden can help you celebrate, commemorate, and remember with distinctive dedication opportunities throughout the Garden landscape.

Upon receipt of your donation, a Tribute Gift Program representative will contact you to confirm your dedication and assist you in the selection and completion of the tribute. When the dedication is in place, a personalized acknowledgement of your tribute gift will be sent to the recipient of your choice, without reference to the size of the donation.

The beauty, wonder, and serenity of the Chicago Botanic Garden combine to create a perfect setting in which to honor a loved one, pay tribute to a friend, or mark a special occasion. Send a friend a personalized acknowledgement of your gift, without reference to the size of your donation, on one of our five beautiful note cards.

Please e-mail or call the Tribute Gift Program at or (847) 835-8333 with questions. To download a printable list of all tribute opportunities, click here. All tribute opportunities are subject to change and availability.

Please select a tribute opportunity and donation amount:

PHOTO: bench

Garden Bench:

A list of available backless benches located in three iconic Garden locations will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation. A plaque inscribed with the personalized dedication will be placed on the lower right-hand corner of the bench seat.

$5,000 15-year dedication

$25,000 dedication in perpetuity

PHOTO: crabapple in bloom

Library Chair:

Dedicate a library chair in the Lenhardt Library to celebrate a special occasion or individual. An engraved plaque will be placed on the side of the chair with your special message. The Lenhardt Library is a place of solitude and discovery. Its large windows allow the beauty of the garden to embrace and frame this magnificent indoor space. The library was established in 1951 by the Women's Board of the Chicago Horticultural Society. One of the great treasures of the Chicago Botanic Garden, it is located in The Regenstein Center.

$2,500 15-year dedication

PHOTO: crabapple in bloom

Tribute Tree:

A list of nonflowering and flowering trees will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation. The chosen tree will be dedicated with a tree tag marking the personalized dedication. The tree will remain dedicated for the life of the plant. A limited number of signature trees are available for contributions beginning at $5,000. For this list please call (847) 835-8333.

$2,000 (nonflowering)

$3,000 (flowering)

PHOTO: brick

Commemorative Brick:

Commemorative bricks are placed twice annually. Brick requests received before March 15 will be installed in the spring, and orders received before September 15 will be installed in the fall.

Order a duplicate brick for your home garden, office, or patio when you dedicate a brick at the Garden. The donation will be half the amount of the Garden brick or $250 and $500 respectively. The brick will be shipped to the address of your choice within 6-8 weeks of the order. Please call (847) 835-8333 for more information.

$500 Visitor Center Walkway

$1,000 Rose Garden Path

Please specify desired inscription, names and dates only:

 14 characters and spaces per line

 14 characters and spaces per line

PHOTO: carillon

Summer Evenings Concert Dedication:

Dedicate a Summer Evenings concert to celebrate a special occasion or individual. Monday evening's Carillon Concert programs will be printed with the dedication of your choice. Dedications will be announced at the beginning of Tuesday evening's Music on the Esplanade, Wednesday evening's Dancin' Sprouts, and Thursday evening's Hot Summer Nights. Upon receipt of your donation, a list of scheduled summer evenings will be provided for your selection (dates subject to availability).


PHOTO: carillon

Garden Expressions:

Honor a loved one for a birthday, new baby, wedding  proposal, or anniversary with a special message in the Garden. Special signage  will "sponsor" your message for a one week period in the garden of your choice. Click here to see this sign in context.


Please include your message in the space provided below.
(Sign can accomodate up to 50 characters.)

PHOTO: rare botanical book

Lenhardt Library Book Dedication:

A list of available titles will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation. The chosen title will have a personalized bookplate placed on the inside front cover and will remain in the Library's general collection.

Rare Books are available for contributions starting at $500.
Please call (847) 835-8333 for a list.





PHOTO: floral display

Krehbiel Gallery Floral Display:

The Regenstein Center's central art gallery features a seasonally changing floral display that may be dedicated for the day of a special occasion or event. The calendar of scheduled floral displays will be provided upon receipt of your donation.


PHOTO: bonsai

Adopt-a-Bonsai Program:

A list of 14 beautiful bonsai trees will be sent to you upon receipt of your donation. The honoree(s) will receive a personalized note card and an informational photograph sharing the unique story of your selected bonsai.


PHOTO: tulips

Garden Bulb Dedication:

Honor a loved one with a bulb dedication at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Your bulb will be set within a breathtaking tulip display in the Crescent Garden. This prominently placed arrangement welcomes visitors each spring.

Your contribution of $18 will ensure this beauty continues for years to come. Honoree(s) may receive a personalized card notifying them of your gift. Both donor and recipient will be listed in the Garden's annual report in acknowledgement of your contribution.


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