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Garden Heritage Society Membership


Membership in the Garden Heritage Society of the Chicago Botanic Garden is offered to those who have:

  • Provided for the Chicago Botanic Garden in a will or living trust.
  • Established an income-producing gift plan for which the Chicago Botanic Garden is a beneficiary (such as a charitable remainder trust, a charitable gift annuity or a charitable lead trust).
  • Designated the Chicago Botanic Garden as a beneficiary of a retirement plan.
  • Arranged for the Chicago Botanic Garden to have a remainder interest in a home or farm.
  • Made a gift of a life insurance policy to the Chicago Botanic Garden.
  • Made other estate provisions benefiting the Chicago Botanic Garden.

If you qualify for membership in the Garden Heritage Society and would like recognition, please complete and print the form below and mail or fax to:

Office of Gift Planning
Chicago Botanic Garden
1000 Lake Cook Road
Glencoe, IL 60022
(847) 835-8257 FAX

Heritage Society Membership Information

Describe below the provisions you have made that qualify you for membership in the Garden Heritage Society (The terms of the gift will remain confidential).

Although not necessary for membership, it will help the Garden plan for the future if you are willing to state the approximate amount of your planned gift.

We would appreciate it very much if you would provide either a copy of the relevant portion of the legal documents in which your gift is described or a letter from you or your financial or legal advisor describing in detail your future gift to the Garden.

Name(s) [Please print]
Include the name of your spouse if this is a joint gift.


City/State/Zip Code


E-mail Address

I/we would be pleased to be included in the Garden Heritage Society honor rolls. The names will appear as listed above. I/we understand that listing this gift may be an incentive for others to give and are willing to be publicly acknowledged.

I/we prefer not to be listed at all but will accept other benefits of membership.

I have not yet made an estate provision for the Garden, but I am considering doing so. Please send information/contact me.