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• Arched Bridge
• Stone lanterns
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Volunteer Ray Wilke leads us on a tour of the Shoin House.

Bonsai: A Patient Art

This stunning volume presents more than sixty living masterpieces from the Garden's Bonsai collection.


Elizabeth Hubert Malott Japanese Garden

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Japanese Garden

Sansho-En, or the "Garden of Three Islands," brings nature's tranquility to visitors.

The Elizabeth Hubert Malott Japanese Garden is a garden of three islands, with much symbolism in the plants and hardscape elements. With its carefully styled plants and judiciously placed stones, the garden is a tribute to the beauty of pure form.

This garden is a year-round favorite, especially in winter, when the shadows of trees and boulders on the snow create another dimension in the garden.

Designed as a stroll garden with curving paths, it discloses its plant treasures gradually. Pines are pruned to open up distant landscapes, framing perfect views of lakes, grassy hills, woods, and gardens beyond. In the dry garden on the island of Kieunto, gravel represents water and plants represent landmasses.

The focal point is the traditional Japanese lantern, Ikekomi, with the shaft buried in the ground to look as though it were surrounded by water. Wintergreen Korean boxwood represents the islands behind the lantern.

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