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Richard Hawke talks about the Lavin Plant Evaluation Garden and the Plant Evaluation Program.

Plant Evaluation Gardens

The William Pullman Plant Evaluation Garden has been closed to accommodate construction of new, expanded production greenhouses on the Kris Jarantoski Campus. Plant shade evaluation will transfer to a future garden nearby, designed by Belgian landscape architect Peter Wirtz.

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The Bernice E. Lavin Plant Evaluation Garden and the William Pullman Plant Evaluation Garden are the sites for the Chicago Botanic Garden's Plant Evaluation Program, where scientists study plants to determine which are best suited for midwestern gardens and those in similar climates. The Lavin Evaluation Garden provides the opportunity to evaluate plants in a sunny area and the Pullman Evaluation Garden provides a shady site in which to evaluate plants.

As part of the program, perennials, shrubs, and vines are trialed side by side for four to six years. Overall plant performance, winter hardiness, resistance to disease and insects, and more are recorded. At the end of the evaluation period, the detailed findings are published in Plant Evaluation Notes.

Concurrent with the Trellis Bridge project, the Lavin Evaluation Garden was redesigned to accommodate the end of the bridge. Its beds of concentric arcs were realigned in keeping with the entrance to the Plant Science Center, and the beds were expanded to the north to allow for additional growing space.