Chicago Botanic Garden



Lindsey C. Axel
Brayton B. Alley

Annie O'Scannlain Barlow
Vice President, Membership

Kimberly J. Burt
Vice President, Nominating

Isabel N. Fiore
Vice President, Programming

Tom A. Reynolds

Pim Davidson Doerr Alley

The Guild of the
Chicago Botanic Garden

Founded in 1998, our membership comprises more than a hundred enthusiastic civic leaders from Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

We are committed to assisting the Chicago Botanic Garden by promoting it to a larger audience, raising funds for its support and providing services that advance the Garden's mission.

We are very proud of the support the Guild has provided the Chicago Botanic Garden. We have raised more than $2.5 million and introduced hundreds of new friends to the Garden; we also hold the honor of being the first board to reach 100 percent participation in the first phase of the Campaign for the Chicago Botanic Garden.

The Harvest Ball is the Guild's main fundraiser. We are proud to direct the proceeds of this evening to support the development of a brand new educational display garden designed by Mikyoung Kim, welcoming families of all backgrounds to the Garden. Your generosity towards the development of a brand new educational display garden helps to inspire lifelong interest in and passion for the natural world and the sciences, as well as respect for our environment.

Your support will enable the Chicago Botanic Garden to reach, teach, involve, and transform children's lives. They are our future.

PHOTO: children catching insects in a discovery program PHOTO: a class on the prairie




Laura Ferris Anderson
Paget Bahr
Susanna R. Block*
Amy P. Brock
Jennifer Brown
Donna G. Brunso
Catherine and Michael Busch*
Toni Canada
Susan Canmann*
Colleen and Brendan Carroll
Nicky Creamer
Nicholas J. Davies
Emily DeGroot
Phoebe and Spencer DePree
Amy Dilatush
Katie Donovan
Paige Dorn and John Gribbin
Julia Douglas
Abby Dunn
John Fiore
Molly Flavin
John D. Fornengo*
Andrea Garber
Sophie Goodwillie
Emily Grace
Karen Hawkins
Whitley Bouma Herbert
Tony Hoban
Megan Hoffmann
Lisa L. Holstein
Elizabeth A. Hughes
Jennifer P. Keenan
Leigh Keyser
Katie Kirtley
Lance Lawson

Kim Lewis
Anita Livaditis
Anne S. Loucks*
Emily and John MacEntee
Kathryn Bader Mangel
Caroline Masterson
Melissa T. McNally
Susan Bulley Merlin
Peyton H. Merrill
Britt Miller
Kim Vender Moffat
Eileen Murphy
Jennifer Neighbours
Riley S. O'Neil*
Shawna and Jay Owen*
Katherine and Richard Peterson
Carolynn J. Pfaff
Elizabeth A. Queen
Emily Reynolds
Erin Ritchie
Bobbi and Matt Rowe
Elizabeth D. Ryan
Julie S. Saunders
Laura Schachtrup
Jackie Schiller
Caroline Schwalm
Todd Schwebel
Hilary C. Semple
Bevin Skoglund
Megan Sleight
Sally Brown Thilman
Lee Thinnes
Kendra Thornton
Julie and Jeremy Unruh
Steven M. Valenti

Kimberly Beard
Elizabeth and Chandler Bigelow III
Kate Fisher Fitzgerald
Rebecca and Victor Garces
Catherine P. Hurtgen
M. Preston Jansing
Jennifer and Sanford Kasten*
Brooke* and James Kuehnle, Jr.
Stephanie Madigan
Gloria S. Masterson*
Carrie C. McNally
Eve R. Rogers
Anne C. Tucker

*Past President