Chicago Botanic Garden

What's in Bloom

What's in Bloom at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Outlying Gardens — April 15, 2014


Intermediate witch hazel
(Hamamelis x intermedia


Iceland poppies
(Papaver nudicaule
'Champagne Bubbles')


(Pulsatilla vulgaris)


Lenten rose
(Helleborus niger)

Kleinman Family Cove: Vernal witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis).

Grunsfeld Growing Garden: Look for new displays next week after the threat of subfreezing temperatures passes. Spring vegetables and annuals will be planted in the raised beds.

Visitor Center: Harris Tram Stop: Common snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis). To be planted: Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus 'Rocket Red', 'Rocket Yellow', & 'Snapshot Red Bicolor'), tower of jewels (Echium wildpretii & Echium fastuosum), ivy (Hedera helix 'Gold Child'), Iceland poppies (Papaver nudicaule 'Champagne Bubbles Orange', 'Champagne Bubbles Red', & 'Champagne Bubbles Yellow'), toadflax (Linaria aeruginea 'Lindeza Violet'), Moroccan toadflax (Linaria maroccana 'Fantasy Pink with Yellow Eye'), lupine (Lupinus mutabilis var. cruckshanksii 'Sunrise'), pouch nemesia (Nemesia strumosa 'Sunsatia Mango'), African daisy (Osteospermum ecklonis 'Serenity Peach Magic', 'Serenity Pink Magic', 'Serenity Rose Magic', 'Zion Copper Amethyst', 'Zion Pink Sand', 'Zion Shadow Yellow'), pansy (Viola cornuta 'Celestial Twilight'), SORBET® Antique Shades Improved pansy (Viola 'PAS211771').

Parking Lots, Lake-Cook Entrance and Gatehouse: Look for Autumn Embers® vernal witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis 'Klmnineteen'), forsythias and Corneliancherry dogwoods to pop open when the weather gets warmer. Lake Cook entrance: To be planted (not in bloom yet): Single early tulip (Tulipa 'Candy Prince'), triumph tulip (Tulipa 'Don Quichotte', 'Private Eyes' & 'Zurel'), single late tulip (Tulipa 'Pink Diaond' & 'Renown'); violas (Viola 'Sorbet Carmine Rose', 'Sorbet Pink Halo XP').

Plant Science Center: Rooftops: Pasqueflowers (Pulsatilla patens & vulgaris).

Bernice E. Lavin Plant Sun Plant Evaluation Garden: Intermediate witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia 'Advent', 'Ripe Corn', 'Sunburst'), Chinese witch hazel (Hamamelis mollis 'Superba'), vernal witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis 'Girard's Purple', 'Kohankie Red').

William Pullman Plant Shade Plant Evaluation Garden: Busch corydalis (Corydalis buschii), giant snowdrops (Galanthus elwesii), Lenten rose (Helleborus 'Golden Sunrise'), Lenten rose (Helleborus 'Ice Follies'), Lenten rose (Helleborus 'Pink Parachutes'), Lenten rose (Helleborus 'Royal Ruffles'), stinking hellebore (Helleborus foetidus 'Sopron'), Lenten rose (Helleborus niger 'Hgc Josef Lemper'), IVORY PRINCE™ Lenten Rose (Helleborus 'Walhelivor'), reticulata iris (Iris 'Ida').