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Dancin Sprouts Schedule

Wed 5 Aug

The Exceptionals *A concert to accommodate children with sensory differences

The Exceptionals

Wednesday, June 17 and August 5
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Old Town School of Folk Music presents “Grow, Worm, Grow! A Sensory Celebration Concert for All!” Experiencing live music lights up the entire brain and opens communication in ways that words alone cannot. In this interactive concert, Old Town School of Folk Music faculty create a multisensory experience carefully designed to calm, delight, and support children with sensitivities and special needs. Centered on the theme of growth and performed by teaching artists experienced and trained in the field of special education, the concert creates a safe, celebratory space for children with diverse abilities and the people who love them. Children are encouraged to engage how they wish, in their own way, when they are ready. Come celebrate your child’s sense of self and growth, and have some musical fun with other children and families!

The Exceptionals invite families to bring along a small blanket for the little ones to wrap up in as we play make-believe with sprouting plants!

Wed 12 Aug

Laura Doherty & The Heartbeats

PHOTO: Laura Doherty

Wednesday, August 12
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Nominated “best Chicago kids act” in Time Out Chicago, Laura Doherty & the Heartbeats bring their live show to the Chicago Botanic Garden, performing favorites from Doherty's three Parents' Choice award-winning CDs, chock full of tunes that acoustically rock your kid's world with a signature breezy folk-pop sound. Of her latest CD “In a Heartbeat,” Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche (guest drummer on the CD) says, “Laura's music is full of beauty and fun for the whole family.” Doherty's classic “Hot Dog” song and “El Train” song are fan-favorite hits delivered Chicago style, with groovy riffs and catchy lyrics.

Wed 19 Aug

Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies

Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies

Wednesday, August 19
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

“Part of being a kid in Chicago is rocking out with kindie-folk icon Mr. Singer.”- Red Tricycle online city guide.

Mr. Singer’s dynamic shows include everything from a cappella sing-alongs to hopping’ dance parties to full throttle rockers. Voted “One of Chicago’s Most Influential Kids’ Musicians” by Time Out Chicago Kids, called “a hit” by the Chicago Sun-Times, and “way cool,” by the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies bring the whole family together for a memorable musical experience. Imagine: June and Johnny Cash playing the Clash at a carnival.

Wed 26 Aug

Duke Otherwise

PHOTO: Duke Otherwise

Wednesday, August 26
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

With his outrageously clever tunes, Duke Otherwise is a children's musician unlike any you've heard before. The Duke won't sing about wheels on a bus unless they're flat, square, or coming off. He will instead sing about love-struck third-graders, a multicultural bowling team, or a forlorn king of the jungle.

Wed 2 Sep

Zak Morgan

PHOTO: Zak Morgan

Wednesday, September 2
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

With a background in children’s literature plus a Grammy nomination for his kids’ songs, Zak Morgan brings all of his life experiences and a simple delight in words and music to his live performances. His exuberant celebration of wordplay and humorous storytelling are all typical of Morgan’s songwriting. He aims to inspire his listeners to enjoy learning for its own sake while providing nonstop entertainment via catchy music and lyrics that make all ages hoot with delight.

“He displays a passion for creating music that treats children as intelligent and creative beings capable of relating to, and engaging in, songs that raise the bar in their thinking. His wordplay is wonderful; he approaches each song as a separate musical adventure.”—Chicago Parent

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